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A wiki to help you learn more about poptropica and the site Be sure to check that website out! Anyone is allowed to edit freely. Walkthroughs are available on the website above.

Stories That Were made

Since the website was only new, it has only a few stories. One known story is Elementix. There was also another story about a couple that wanted to get married but the Prince's Father but he didn't like it to happen so he banned the princess from Astro Knights. The story is called Poptropica Love Struck except it was made and can be seen on the site or on youtube. Amythecoolgirl made, planned and edited the story. The site wants people to post their stories to so that the owner of the site could post peoples stories. Your name could be Unkown or your normal name depending to the fact that you actually included your name when you posted your story.

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